Sunday, May 08, 2005


I'm too tired to write anything of any interest (like I ever do anyway). She won Eurovision a few years ago but we all knew that anyway.

Here's one of her pre-Eurovision tracks.

Sertab - Utanma

Monday, May 02, 2005

They Do It....

...and they do it well.

Vacuum were Alexander Bard's post Army Of Lovers, pre Alcazar and BWO (with a return to the Army for a time) but I'm not gonna go into their history now, if you do wanna know more check I'll just say after problems with the second album (released in three various form, none being the definate, intended version), the record company troubles and two members leaving (both now in BWO) the group as they are now is frontman Mattias Lindblom and behind the scenes writer/producer Andres Wollbeck and last year they finally released their third album (as well as finding time to write and produce for Rachel Stevens) and bloody brilliant it is too. Here's an example of it's aceness...

Vacuum ft K- They Do It