Wednesday, July 27, 2005


A vicious thing. Par example this song, taken from the soundtrack of the excellent Stuntman, a classic (Oscar nominated no less) film that has since been forgotton by most as the sands of time pass by. Sung by Dusty Sprinfield, who at the time had herself faded into the background.

...Anyway it's great and no-one knows...probably!

Dusty Springfield - Bits and Pieces


Blogger Anjou Wu said...

Dear Lord...Dusty, obscure? Say it's not so! One of the rare great "song stylists" she deserves a place in the musical cannon alongside Judy, Barbra, Madonna for god sakes!

9 August 2005 at 22:01

Blogger deon826rachelle said...

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21 August 2005 at 17:49


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